Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

29 today! P keeps reminding me that I'm in the last year of my 20s.

We told my parents last night. When my mom opened the box with the baby jean skirt she kept saying "Really, really?!?". Then my dad said "Man, I'm old."

My sister met us at the restaurant. She asked if anyone was ordering wine and I said, "You can't drink when you're pregnant." She screeched "What??". Yes, screeched. She's always been very loud. She then proceeded to tell me what I can't eat and that her co-worker (who is pregnant) can't walk down the meat aisle at the grocery store because she "can smell the blood in the chicken." Weird.

Today we're doing our usual Sunday errands and grocery shopping. I'm still trying to decide where I want to go out to dinner tonight. The 'Burg only has but so many choices, and I'm kind of tired so it might end up being Panera. Where I will get a Greek salad with feta. Alert the police!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

How We're Telling My Parents

We are going to Va Beach tonight for my birthday dinner at Waterman's. If the name sounds familiar, that's where our rehearsal dinner was and is our fav seafood restaurant at the beach. We're going to tell my parents I'm pregnant before we go to the restaurant.

My mom is a baby clothes snob. She is old school - smocked dresses, bubble suits, sailor suits for boys, saddle shoes, etc. She LOVES Feltman Brothers (pictured).

We're wrapping up a size 12-month jean skirt with a note on it that says "Get ready!". This really would be lost on most people, but she'll think it's hilarious. That is, after she gets over screaming, crying, and hugging me.

Time to re-teach yourself how to smock Mom! That is, unless you want a baby to actually wear a tiny jean skirt!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How I Told P

I got a BFP last Friday morning. I had previously ordered Baby Bargains with the intent to give it to P when I got a +HPT. He's the financial brains of the family, and I knew he would think it was useful.

I wrapped it up in leftover Valentine's Day wrapping paper and gave it to him when he came home from work. He repeatedly asked me why he was getting a present and I had to keep saying "Just OPEN IT!." He finally opened it, read the title out loud, and said "Are we having a baby?". When I said yes he got a huge smile on his face and hugged me. Then he looked panicked and hugged me again.

These were his first 2 orders of baby business:
#1 - Change my name in his phone from Elizabeth to Baby Mama
#2 - Announce that if we have twins he wants to name them Luke and Leia

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First appointment scheduled!

I had my yearly exam scheduled for next Tuesday. I called the office and told them I recently found out I'm pregnant. They canceled my yearly exam and scheduled my OB confirmation appointment for 3/22! I can't wait!

The nurse asked for the date of my last period, so I told her but also told her that I ovulated late. She didn't seem fazed by that, and just added 4 weeks to today's date to figure out when to schedule my first appointment. I was afraid she'd think I was significantly further along that I really am.

I didn't think to ask if they'd possibly do an ultrasound, but I'll call back closer to the appointment date to confirm. I wouldn't want P to miss out on that.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Here we go!

I went off birth control pills in early January 2010 with the intent that we would TTA for a couple months. Well, that didn't last very long as we couldn't exactly remember what we were waiting for. I know you're supposed to wait a couple months after stopping the pill so it's easier to date your pregnancy, but we really didn't think it would happen this quickly! Especially with my mom's history of fertility problems.

Well, here we are! My EDD is 11/2/10 which I'm sure will change quite a few times, but as of right now I'm due on my mom's birthday.