Monday, March 22, 2010

OB Confirmation Appointment

I had my OB confirmation appointment this morning. P came with me, but overall it was not very exciting. I peed in a cup, filled out some paperwork, we gave our family histories, and they took 7 vials of blood. They are basing my due date on my last missed period rather than my ovulation date (which wasn't until cycle day 30), so as of right now I'm 10 weeks along and due October 18. However, I predict that will change when I have my first ultrasound. If not, then I was a failure at charting and OPKs lie.

The practice I'm going to does 2 ultrasounds - one at 12 weeks and one around 20 weeks. Since they think I'm farther along than I do, I should be getting an ultrasound sooner. I have another appointment on Thursday morning which is my first physical. I'll get to meet one of the OB's, but will see a different one at each appointment until I pick the one I want as my primary. At my Thursday appointment the doctor will schedule my ultrasound. The nurse couldn't schedule it today because apparently that throws Tricare into a tailspin, so the doctor has to do it. I also had to sign a form saying I understand that Tricare may decide not to pay for any ultrasounds (why? because they suck). Good thing we've got the Baby Fund.

I'm hoping my appointment on Thursday is more "exciting." I think I'll get more info since I'll get to see a doctor. My blood pressure was higher than normal today (135/89), but according to Google it's technically not too high for pregnancy. Hopefully that was just nerves and not the start of something serious.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Since my mother never had any pregnancy symptoms with my sister or myself (seriously, she only gained 15 lbs with each of us), I thought perhaps it was genetic. Turns out I was wrong.

My face has broken out and is greasier than I can remember since high school. My boobs and nipples are sore, which is something I never experienced around my period like some people do. It hurt to hug P last night. I burp like a man. I'm hungry often, but don't feel like eating anything. Nausea set in over the weekend, went away yesterday, and is back today. I don't think I'm actually going to throw up, but I feel like I have a horrible hangover. Too bad eating a greasy breakfast won't fix it. I'm exhausted by the afternoon. I went to bed at 8:30pm last night and could already use a nap.

Literally all I did all weekend was sit on the couch and feel icky. P was wonderful and went grocery shopping Sunday. He came back with supplies for me: 3 varieties of saltine crackers (he was overwhelmed by the choices at the store), Ginger Ale, fruit, Jolly Ranchers (supposedly it helps to suck on these), a frozen pizza (something quick if I feel like eating a real dinner one night), cottage cheese, and 100 calorie cream filled chocolate cakes (he thought I might feel like eating these).

It's going to be very interesting at work if the nausea gets worse. I'm hoping no one notices the Ginger Ales in the mini fridge, because the pregnancy police who have been glancing at my stomach since I got married are going to notice.

Anyway, not complaining about any of this. I was slightly worried yesterday when ALL of my symptoms went away, but they've come back today.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Probably jinxed myself.

I posted on a message board I frequent recently asking if they could give me an idea of how much we should budget for maternity clothes. We are going to try very, very hard not to go overboard with anything baby-related. I mentioned that there are certain meetings at work where I HAVE to wear a suit.

One girl offered to sell me her used Motherhood Maternity suit for $50. She sent me pictures and made sure I understood how Motherhood's sizes work. While it's completely premature to buy anything, after looking around online and seeing that maternity suit jackets alone cost $125+, I decided to go for it.

The suit arrived today and it's perfect. I could not have gotten a better deal on a suit that fits me and only cost $50. The pants will need to be hemmed, but that's a given for anything on me since my legs are so short. Luckily, Mom hems all my pants (this is why we can't ever move too far away!). The pants are so comfortable and I look forward to wearing them as work pants without the jacket on days I don't need the full suit.

I probably jinxed myself buying something so soon, but I love a good deal!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So tired!

Fatigue kicked in starting yesterday. I fell asleep in my chair at work in the afternoon and woke up when I almost fell out of it. All I want to do today is go home and crawl back into bed.

I have a thyroid check-up tomorrow. I'm wondering if this is all pregnancy fatigue or if my TSH shot way up and that's causing me to be tired. When I got it checked in late December my TSH was 0.78, so even if it doubled already it shouldn't be so high that it would cause me to be tired.

I also had a very strong craving for cheese yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't have any at work, but as soon as I got home I went to the fridge!

I hope I can make it through this day at work!