Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wonder Week 26

We're coming up on Wonder Week 26 and my happy baby has morphed back into Mr. Cranky.  He gets bored so easily and it's hard not to think that I'm just not doing enough.  Luckily he absolutely loves walks, so we do that every day that the weather is nice.  We've been to Colonial Williamsburg twice to walk around because there's so much to look at.

I found a lot of information about the Wonder Weeks in this blog:

Basically Finn is learning about relationships right now.  He definitely understands that objects out of reach must be reached for, and will contort himself to grab anything.  Actually, all he wants to do right now is "get things."  We spend most of the day sitting on the floor while he reaches for anything and everything.  He can pick up small objects and pass them from hand to hand, but has trouble pulling himself back up to a sitting position.  I think we're still several weeks away from sitting independently, but his fine motor control is amazing.   Separation anxiety hasn't set in yet, but I think he's beginning to understand that when I leave the room I'm nearby and he just can't see me.  He knows if he looks up in the stroller he can see me in the clear window in the top of the canopy, so he realizes I'm behind him.

We're also back to waking up at the 30 minute mark during naps, and I really hope this goes away.  We had several weeks where he took multiple one hour naps a day without waking up at 30 minutes, but for the past several days I've been able to set my watch by him again.  So far nap extensions are still working.  Basically there is no other option than at least an hour in the crib three times a day!

We started rice cereal on Saturday, and he really enjoyed it the first day.  Now it just makes him scream, so I'm not sure if I should keep trying or wait a couple weeks and try again.  I switched to oatmeal thinking maybe it was the taste, but same result.  I'm not sure if it's the spoon, or the taste, or the consistency that makes him so mad.  He may just not be ready yet. 

It's supposed to be almost 90 degrees today, so we'll be spending a lot of time outside.  I definitely have an outside lover!

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